Meet Sean & Gretchen Doyel of Gather Juice Co.

November 11, 2021

Q: How long have you been on 6th Ave? 

A: We’ve been on 6th Ave since we opened in  August 2019 – we knew as soon as we started planning the business that we wanted to be located between Alder and State. It took about 18 mos to find the right spot but we couldn’t be happier with the location.

Q: What is the mission for your business? 

A: Our mission is to make the world a better place. We believe that when we eat, move, connect and play in a way that supports peak health, we feel better. And when we feel better we interact with the world in a vastly different, more intentional way that creates happiness, contentment and a better world one person at a time. 

That mission hasn’t changed since we began planning our business and it guides every decision we make – decisions about products, ingredients, how we treat employees, vendor relationships – literally all of it.

Q: What services or products do you offer? 

A: We have juice (of course), smoothies, acai bowls, avocado toasts, salads, superfood lattes, and other snacks and drinks. Every single product on our menu is vegan by default and nothing we make has any added sugar, artificial flavoring, or other weird ingredients you may or may not be able to pronounce. Just whole, real food.

Q: What do you love most about what you do?

A: We really love the genuine connection we get to make with people. The random, spur of the moment conversations we get to have and the relationships we get to build over time really, truly make our lives better. Occasionally we even get to share our experience around health and wellness with someone who’s just starting their wellness journey and that’s really hard to beat!

Q: What is your favorite thing on the menu?

Sean has an acai bowl with almond butter for lunch every single day. Gretchen always eats our chipotle avocado toast with added nutritional yeast.

Q: What do you love most about having your business on 6th Ave?

A: The thing we love about 6th Ave is that you get a real cross section of Tacoma. There are lots of cool neighborhoods and shopping districts in Tacoma, but it really feels like everyone in Tacoma ends up on 6th Ave at some point.

Q: Who was a mentor to you?

A: I’m not sure we exactly had any mentors, but we sure bounced ideas off a lot of other local business owners. Shoutout to Alex from Wilder Outdoor Spaces, Katherine from The Fernseed, Corrie and Sean from Crisp Greens and Liz & Matt from Expand Yoga who all offered a sounding board, words of encouragement, and advice.

Q: Away from the shop where will we find you?

A: Outside with our dog Lola absolutely as much as possible. We’re at Point Defiance at least 4 days a week, especially during the summer. We love to camp, kayak, paddle board, and snowboard.

Gather Juice Co
2612 6th Ave, Tacoma

Open 9am-5pm, 7 days a week